Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Advanced Acting... It Has Begun...

So my new class is Advanced acting with Mark Pullyblank.  I haven't met him yet (my class is from 12AM-1AM on Thursday morning... UGH!) but he seems like a cool guy in his profile.  He has worked at Rainmaker Digital, Frantic Films, Weta and is currently at Sony Imageworks in Vancouver.  Cool!  He has some cool stuff on his blog, which I'll link here as well as on my sidebar.  Definitely check him out!


So I'm ready to tackle my assignment this week, even though I'm not thrilled with the result from last class.  I'll be blocking out the mouth shapes this week and I'll post it either this weekend or after my eCritique.  I'm actually excited to add this step and I'll make sure I fill you guys in on what I learned or other "stuff" that's come up!

Off to watch my 2 hour class!!!  WOO HOO!

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